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Ocean View Lane
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Sandcastle at South Beach is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly vacation rental apartment developments on Savary Island.  It was completed in 2013 but only started to be used for vacation rental in mid-2014.

Built to the highest standards of environmental friendliness, Sandcastle at South Beach is fully solar-powered, has it own fresh water well, is fully insulated for those hot summer days (and cool winter ones as well) and includes all of the amenities you have come to expect in modern sea-side vacation properties.

Don't Forget to Bring

When coming to Savary Island and Sandcastle at South Beach, remember to bring the following items with you:

  • sunscreen, hat, etc: the summer weather is very warm and you will want to keep from getting burnt while playing outside

  • beach footwear: South Beach is wonderfully sandy. You will be doing a lot of walking so some beach footwear is something you should consider

  • clothing for playing in the water: the water around Savary Island is delightfully warm in the summer. You can burn very easily, so think about any clothing you might want to have at the ready

  • bed linen and towels: laundry is extremely difficult on Savary Island as there is no hydro power (Sandcastle at South Beach is powered solely by solar energy), so we kindly request you bring your own linen and towels

  • walking shoes: most people tend to do a lot of walking on Savary Island (particularly if you plan to explore it to any degree) so make sure you pack comfortable shoes for wandering/hiking

  • food and drinks: drinking water from the well at Sandcastle at South Beach is very good so you do not need to bring water for cooking or drinking. However, you will need to bring everything else you want to eat and drink. During the summer busy period only there is a general store that is usually available for the basics (milk, bread, eggs, etc) but it does not stock much else. So, you will need to bring everything you want to eat and drink to avoid trips by water taxi back to the mainland for groceries